FastForward Privacy Policy


This section does not apply to Firefox.

In order to provide up-to-date bypasses, FastForward sends a request to Github every hour, and if a new commit is found, it will download the latest "injection script."

For this, Github's privacy policy applies.

Crowd Bypass

When Crowd Bypass (Options > "Give and take the destinations of unbypassable shorteners.") is enabled, ocassionally the extension will send requests to my server:

  • When you visit a known unbypassable shortener website, the URL is sent so it can check against the database if someone else has already reported its destination.
  • When you complete your visit on such a website, the URL and destination URL are sent so it can be recorded for future visitors.

We keep no request logs. We use Cloudflare and their privacy policy applies to you as an "End User."